WS02_Questionable Traditions[PD&1:1DFM] | Diary

Workshop Day1:

Workshop started out with an incredible amount of people. Both students and architects seemed very interested of this event, which of course made the whole pre-event time worth its while.

The day started off with the three of us (Tudor Cosmatu, Andrei Raducanu and Irina Bogdan) and our dear friend Alexander Kalachev giving a short introductory lecture on parametric design and fabrication methodes and talking about our thesis projects approaches.

A short introduction into Rhino followed, allowing (most of the people) to get a glance on what this software is able to do. Grasshopper introduction and tutored examples followed. This proved to be the hardest part, but we definitely believe everyone got the point and can start discovering the potential of it further.

Workshop Day2:

More tutored examples followed during the whole day, increasing the number of bedazzled people. Things started to get messy towards noon, but in the end everyone got the point, which was a great deed. We went through a series of examples ranging from object to potential urban plan scenario.

Workshop Day3:

Following our previous presentations we decided to let the people start to discover the software on their own. They had to work in teams of 5 and they were given the task to develop a system (knowing that they will have to deal with – flat sheets of 6mm cardboard) which had to have a chosen function (although this was not our biggest interest, given the workshop scope). Alex Cristal from our new best friends SPOT DESIGN came to join us and brought with him one of his babies (a 600x450mm laser cutter). Our intent for this day was that people were supposed to see how such a machine works and how the process of sending files to factory has to be dealt with.  People started regaining interest and enthusiasm and worked hard on getting things done. Later that night we met Bence Pap and Andrei Gheorghe and went out for a beer in order to discuss details regarding the following days.

Workshop Day4:

Bence and Andrei delighted the participants and us with a presentation about previous workshops and projects of their own. Madalina Dumitru marketing director of RUUKKI for Romania and Bulgaria (our platinum sponsor – which believed in the success of the workshop and gave us the chance to make it happen) gave a short presentation about some of their latest works and softwares and explained why RUUKKI is interested in the participants work. The whole day past pretty fast and towards the evening we had the participants present their 2 days developed proposals. We were very excited about the results. Unfortunately (given the remaining time) we asked them to vote for one project each, so that in the end we can build at least one. After a long discussion between ourselves (tutors) we decided we might have time to built 3 projects fitting in 3 different types of approaches – emergence, sculptural endeavor and component based pavilion. The finalists were named: VIRULENCE, WISHBONE and hex[igloo. Immediately teams merged and prepared for the final run.

Workshop Day5:

People started working early in the morning, merging concepts, ideas and methods in order to make everything work correctly. The team of tutors went through all the projects trying to make each and every one of them work.  Late that night the VIRULENCE project got sent to the laser cutter, while the Wishbone and hex[igloo were still struggling to prepare the files for laser cutting.

Workshop Day6:

While the VIRULENCE people were waiting for final pieces and starting the assembly on site the other teams were struggling to make the files for production as intelligent as possible.  Thanks to our good friend (dj/vj) Cristi aka CRID we had the chance to stay up because of his nice speakers and amplifier. Soon the university square was covered in the furious beats of cristi’s playlist.

Wokshop Day7:

After a long night for the laser cutter and for Alex (SPOT DESIGN), most of the WISHBONE pieces were done and more than half of the hex[igloo components arrived. Soon a very interesting configuration emerged: some of the people were involved in putting the pieces together on site, while the so called FACTORY was working hard on putting the components together. Half of our tutoring staff had to leave, so a quick ceremony took place where participants received their participation certificate. Days and nights started to merge and to become one (a thing we really enjoyed). The beats started pounding and increasing the workflow, the best song proving to be nympho – borgore 😉 also because the pieces were not that wide, so you can stick your hand inside. Cardboard fisting, while holding a glue gun in your hand, was a specialty only a few could perform our specialists being Cristi, Irina and Ina. The Wishbone got finished towards the end of the night.




Workshop Day8:

To our surprise a lot of people (all of them) showed up for the final run in assembling  the final pieces of the hex[igloo. Although our estimation was to finish towards 6 pm it proved to be rather wrong. Towards the end of the night the hex[igloo started to force itself into place waiting for the final rows to come into place . The work and fun continued until late in the morning. Glue guns started running out of bullets, jamming and giving up on the tough job they had to perform, tapes were being reused and people were tired. 6pm (our previous deadline) quickly became 6 am, but with the enthusiasm and interest of the whole group, the hex[igloo got finished as the sun was rising, allowing our final guest (Alex) to get to his flight on time.

As a final conclusion we have to say that we (as tutors/organizers of this event) are extremely proud of the results and the way people worked together. Although we placed the mockups without any permission in the main universities hallway, we are happy that everyone was glad to see the results.

What will happen next is making the event and results public by taking the models on the streets, during the STREET DELIVERY festival which will take place from 10th june till 12th june, and to the Architectural Annual  7th july till 17th july 2011.


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  1. Ina says :

    guess what song was playing while i was reading this? come on, guess 😛

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