WS02_Questionable Traditions[PD&1:1DFM] | Diary

Workshop Day1: Workshop started out with an incredible amount of people. Both students and architects seemed very interested of this event, which of course made the whole pre-event time worth its while. The day started off with the three of us (Tudor Cosmatu, Andrei Raducanu and Irina Bogdan) and our dear friend Alexander Kalachev giving […]

WS02_Questionable Traditions[PD&1:1DFM] | Final Participants List

We’re happy to announce that all the places have been occupied.

We would also like to tell you several important details:

1 – we will meet on MONDAY at 10 am in the universities HALLWAY. Do not be late!

2 – There were hopes to get the payment working online – unfortunately it’s not possible – therefore you’ll have to pay the fee at the beginning of the workshop (in order for the student fee to apply you will have to show some student ID – otherwise the normal fee will apply)

3 – Don’t forget your LAPTOP with RHINO and GRASSHOPPER INSTALLED

4 – Make sure to bring your own extension cable (multiple sockets) – bare in mind we are going to be 70 people and there are only 3 sockets in the room

5 – Don’t forget you’re supposed to be fully committed to this one week relationship.

5B – For all of the people who are going to be late, come join us on the 3rd floor room B4 (above B3) – cross the bridge near the amphitheater and climb 2 levels.

6 – Also consider bringing mousepads or something of that sort because the desks are pretty rough

Other than that all the best, get some rest and see you on the 23rd!

WS02_Questionable Traditions[PD&1:1DFM] | Schedule

Hello all!

Curious already? There are ONLY 10 days left before this kick ass workshop begins!

Start APPLYING and stay tuned!

P[lu]S, don’t forget, in one week the submission session ends .

Now, since the curiosity reaches astronomical levels, as we hope it does, you can already have a look at the DETAILED SCHEDULE:

[+ tutor’s bios]

For a closer look at the schedule, you can download it H E R E.

WS02_Questionable Traditions[Parametric Design and 1:1 Digital Fabrication Methods] | Bucharest


//// Parametric Design and 1:1 Digital Fabrication Methods Workshop

(extremely intensive!)

_WHERE: Bucharest/ UAUIM

_WHEN: 23.05 – 29.05 2011

In order to participate at the workshop, send us an email at and let us know in a few words what you’d like to learn from this experience. Attach also an A4 poster that summarizes your latest work. Let us know what experience you have in using any kind of software for modeling. Also don’t forget to mention whether you have prior experience in programming or if you’ve worked with Grasshopper before.
We have set up a limit of 60 participants so be quick and concise.

Visit the INFO tab for a detailed SCHEDULE and HOWTOAPPLY document


_FEE: The fee will be used for covering organisational expences. The fee is non-refundable.

50 RON for students

100 RON for architects

_ a laptop with you
_ Rhinoceros 4 SR.8 + the latest version of Grasshopper installed
If you don’t already have Rhino on your computer, you can use the trial version uploaded on:

_grasshopper 8.0010: To download Grasshopper go to:


Andrei Gheorghe [Die Angewandte]
Bence Pap [ZHA Architects]


Alexander Kalachev [AL-TU]


Tudor Cosmatu [AL-TU, T_A_I]
Andrei Raducanu [T_A_I]
Irina Bogdan [T_A_I]

WS01 Iasi: Ultima zi de inscrieri tocmai s-a incheiat | The last day of submissions has just come to an end

[RO] Iata s-a incheiat in seara asta si perioada de inscrieri.

Ramane sa ne intalnim maine la sediul OAR_Iasi, intre 10.00 si 10.30 am.

Pana atunci puteti arunca un ochi si peste lista participantilor:

[Speram sa nu fi omis pe nimeni]

[EN] We hereby announce that the last day of submissions just came to an end.

We’ll meet tomorrow at the OAR headquarters_Iasi, around 10.00-10.30am.

Till then, you can check out the participant’s list posted right bellow:

[hopefully we haven’t missed anyone]

WS01 Iasi: Program + Locatie


Iata si informatiile despre locatia unde ne vom intalnii si despre programul celor 4 zile de workshop:


Here’s some info about the location where the workshop is going to take place + the published program:

_Locatie: sediul OAR, Iasi

_Program [check out the english version here]

Ramane sa ne vedem vineri!

WS01 Iasi: Rhino + Grasshopper Training_Announcement


Dupa ce in ultimele saptamani s-au lasat auzite numai zvonuri,  iata ca a venit timpul  sa lansam si anuntul oficial:

Intre 29 octombrie si 01 noiembrie 2010 va avea loc workshopul de introducere in metode de design digital si fabricatie [Introduction to Digital Design and Fabrication Methods] la Universitatea de Arhitectura si Urbanism din Iasi.

Acest workshop urmareste familiarizarea participantilor cu metodele de proiectare parametrica folosind Rhinoceros  si Grasshopper. Ceea ce ne propunem este sa materializam lucrul de pe parcursul celor 4 zile intr-o serie de modele fizice.

De astazi incepand, ne puteti trimite aplicatiile de participare la workshop  pe adresa:

Ce ar trebuii sa contina aplicatiile? Aflati aici:  HOW TO APPLY


Following the rumors spread around for the past few weeks, the time has come to launch the official announcement:

We are happy to spread the news that between the 29th of October and the 1st of November 2010, all of you out there interested in getting accustomed with algorithmic and parametric design, will be able to attend the Introduction to Digital Design and Fabrication Methods Workshop that is going to be held at the University of Architecture and Urbanism in Iasi, Romania.

This workshop aims to make the participants familiar with the logic and language of Grasshopper[Rhino]. The result of this 4 days long exercise will materialize in physical models of the chosen digital instances.

Beginning today,  you can send us your applications for the upcoming workshop at:

What exactly should an application contain? Find out the answer here:  HOW TO APPLY